Thursday, April 29, 2010

Part 4 of Pahrump/Death Valley

When in Death Valley, a visit would not be complete without a visit to the Artist's Palette. This is a very interesting area back in the mountains in the park. You twist and turn on a one-way, narrow road which reveals stunning scenes around each turn. We saw one woman lying down on her belly to take a photo. Tom wondered what that was all about and I suggested that she wanted to take a photo of the foreground flower she was close to of the mountains beyond. We had stopped alongside the road past where she was and she stopped and remarked what a wonderful place this was as this was her first visit. We began talking and, as I suspected, she too was an artist. I told her I had suspected that when I saw her shooting a photo on her belly. She remarked, "ya gotta have a foreground for a painting!". I think there is a common vibe among artists, we seem to gravitate towards like souls.

Artist's Palette has a large vista where there is a collection of so many of the colorful minerals found in DV. It truly does resemble an artist's palette, with colors laid out, ready for painting. I did a 9-shot panorama for this photo.I hope you can view it large enough as I had to really lower the resolution for acceptance on the blog. Please click on the photo to view it in a larger format.

As we were leaving the park on our last day there, the clouds were building up heavily over the mountains, but we stopped where the sun was shining in a wash area to rock hound one more time before we left. The rocks in this area were different from the ones I tumble and polish from Arizona and New Mexico, there were more varieties of quartz there. As we had our eyes to the ground, looking for beauties, the storm quickly advanced to our wash and it started raining. Being natives of the desert, we recognize that standing in a wash with a storm coming is not very bright so we quit and decided it was a great place to have stopped and went back to our motorhome in Pahrump. It was a tiring/exciting/awesome day.

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