Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pahrump,NV and Death Valley

We are back in Pahrump, NV again, planning on visiting Death Valley and exploring more areas we have missed in the past. We explored quite a bit of Death Valley yesterday, spending all day in the park.

We were told that this was the third largest wildflower bloom seasons on record there, and it was believable since we saw such colorful wildflowers that we have not seen there before. What a treat!

On our way back to Pahrump yesterday, I was driving behind this junk truck, which we both found to be so funny-looking. I asked Tom to take a photo as I hung back, afraid this tower of metal would topple back upon us. The driver finally waved us past when the coast was clear, but we decided it was a sight to see.

Many of the mountains/hills in DV are just a jumble of colorful layers. The geology of this place is amazing, and the colors change with the time of day...best at sunset or sunrise...we have experienced both there in the past and it is a wonderful sight.

On the way to Pahrump, we passed along a highway called Joshua Tree Highway. The Joshua Trees here were so healthy-looking and we saw many of the blossoms they have in the Spring. I have never been up close and personal with these blossoms and took advantage of our timing to be here at the right time to stop and take some close-up photos. Aren't they interesting?

The mountains just keep showing diagonal planes in places, where it is easy to see the different types of rocks and minerals in each strata. Interesting.

This beauty was blooming in all its glory and I loved getting to see it. It is a Beaver Tail Cactus.

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