Monday, March 30, 2009

Vicki's Bowl - WIP 1

I have promised myself that I will commit to painting this bowl and now is the time. I decided that if I submit the WIPs to my blog as I work, I will have to keep working on it since I don't want to be embarrassed by letting this sit, undone.

The reference photo was provided by my good online friend, Vicki Green, who had this bowl on her blog, only it was filled with candy. I asked her if she would do a few quick still-life set-ups with the bowl on light and dark surfaces, and without the candy. She, being the good friend she is, accommodated my request. I was fascinated with the glints of light on the dark surface of this photo so decided this is the one.

I will be experimenting with a technique that I have decided in my own feeble mind will work, so stay tuned to see if my "spearmint" is successful or not. You just never know.....bravely she begins to paint.

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