Monday, March 09, 2009


After letting this fellow sit in my studio for a few weeks while I made artisan jewelry, I finally got him done. I haven't painted many birds but he was in such a fine pose that I had to paint him.

Being an artist who is drawn to warmer colors I couldn't quite settle on the cool blue tones this painting was taking on so I glazed some of the warmer sunset hues over and it looked more like I thought the Brown Pelican should look.

Thanks again goes to Diana for allowing me to paint this guy from her photo.


Vicki Greene said...

I love that proud look that he has. Good job!

Sandy Maudlin said...

The look in his eye tells me he has his eye on a fisherman's catch. I painted one similar several years back and will post it one of these days. I really like your beautiful background effect a lot - reminds me of early evening reflections.