Friday, January 04, 2008

China Ranch Oasis

Per request from Rhonda to see more of the date palms and the area of the oasis, here are three more. They hang either white or colorful rags to protect the date clusters from birds while ripening and there were rows of colorful ones and some had mainly white cloths. The cottonwood trees followed the creek in the area and many still had late Fall golds and some orange color.

We have done the gemshow stuff in Quartzite today and will return home tomorrow. I found lots to keep me busy when I am not painting, wire wrap, beading and jewelry-making supplies. Very interesting things they have!


Michelle Himes said...

Looks like a beautiful spot.

Are you going to be into making jewelry now too?


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


It was a beautiful spot, but the road in through the canyon was even more interesting and beautiful in its own way to me.

Yes, after we got started with the gemstone "mining" in North Carolina this summer and started tumbling our own stones, I have gotten into some wire wrapping (or rudimentary attempts!) and started looking for interesting beads to combine the stones with. I have done some beading on and off for quite awhile. I really shouldn't have started this when I really want and need to ramp up my painting, but I will probably work with the jewelry when I have the time. It is fun and I like wearing the stuff, so will try to find more time to do that.

Thanks for looking!


RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Susan. It's interesting to me to see the date palms - I've never seen anything like that :)