Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall Foliage - 2007

We took a planned trip up north today to see the Fall foliage, supposedly at its "peak" this week. We did not see any Fall foliage in Sedona or Oak Creek Canyon, indeed had to travel to over 8,000 feet elevation to the Snowbowl to see any color at all, then it was only the yellow of Aspens. I had hoped to see some oranges and reds in the mix, but it was not to be this year. Despite this, we had a great day with nice weather, enjoying eating breakfast and lunch "out" at restaurants and being together on these adventures is always so nice for Tom and I. We were planning on exploring a scenic loop somewhere near the Snowbowl, but never saw a sign for it and the smoke drift from a (probably) prescribed burn by the NFS would have made it difficult and too smokey for photos had we found what we were looking for. All-in-all it was a good day and I will add what few photos I got to my Flickr site shortly.

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