Thursday, July 12, 2007

Accidental Pots WIP

While enjoying a painting session with my "step-grand girls" yesterday (ages 11 and 15) we started playing with some Yupo. I was mainly just showing them how to drop the color in and let it do its thing. Instead of brushing water on the Yupo to dampen it prior to painting, I just spritzed on a fine mist to cover the paper. I found out that if you just touch the pigment to one of these drops, the paint will "travel" to the others, but leave white spaces in between, much like lacy flowers. How cool! I did this originally in portrait mode and then, just for the fun of it, turned it 45-degrees and discovered some "accidental" pots, looking like they were sitting in front of, and containing, flowers. So, this orientation it will be. I love that lacy look of the flowers, this Yupo is truly weird by wonderful! I will take it to my watercolor group this afternoon and decide if I need to refine any of this, but I sorta like the free-form look of it so may leave it alone. Any thoughts?

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