Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marsha's Peony WIP 1

I am starting another floral painting based on the photographic talent of an online friend, Marsha, who submits photos of her flowers for the group to use for reference photos. I am so envious of her ability to grow flowers like this, here on the desert we would never be able to grow them! She is also a fabulous photographer!

This will be the underside of a peony blossom and I have done the first three steps so far: Painting the sky area, tinting each petal with a pale pink and then painting the shadow areas with the same pink to establish where the lightest lights will be left. As I finish those little yellow-green thingies at the base of the flower I will start going in with the darkest darks, that is the fun part since it immediately makes the lightest lights even brighter and the petals more translucent-looking. It has been an evolutionary process for me to get over being scared of committing darkest darks to a painting for fear of ruining it. Now, I usually can hardly wait to get to that point since it always seems to be a magical turning point, taking the painting farther away from the awkward teenage phase and more toward the phases of a good, grown-up painting.

More to follow as I have time to work on this one.

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