Friday, December 08, 2006

Mission Bougainvilleas

Today I am finishing and refining a few of my watercolor class demo paintings. This one I chose because I liked the composition and how it demonstrates dappled shadows, the suggestion of bricks and mass foliage techniques. I had everyone use masking fluid for the flower clusters and wish I had shown them how to do them without the masking. I plan to redo this one, but use a stucco-walled mission and do the bougainvilleas without the masking. Next class, new approach. But, I still like the composition on this and learned a lot myself when doing it. I still think that teaching watercolor helps me learn more than ever before because I have to organize my thoughts and break a painting down into logical steps instead of just diving in and splashing paint around.

Most of my demo paintings are less than successful because of trying to hurry them through a three-hour class, but most can be salvaged to some degree.

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