Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pot on Satin

This is my demo painting I did during the Watercolor I class yesterday afternoon. I chose this as a simple shape that would enable me to demonstrate the importance of modeling to make objects look three-dimensional. After painting so many pears to demonstrate this principle, I chose to change the subject and do a pot! The class did very well considering they are in the beginning class. I was very happy with their results.

In doing a self-critique on this, I recognize there are some problem areas, but considering my two and one-half hour time spent on it, I think it did demonstrate what I hope for and am not too bothered by the flaws. I want to do another, probably a half-sheet, in blue and rust colors. Another day, another time!


Anonymous said...

Susan... I love this painting. I want to reach out and touch the satiny fabric.


Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

Hi Susan, I am poking around over here, I don't remember ever seeing this blue pot, it is fantastic!

Love your blog too. Want to exchange links on blogs?