Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog construction ongoing here! I am learning, slowly, how to upload photos and comments to my blog site, patience and time required! Next, I will do more design work on my blog homepage.

This is my most recent completed painting, it is a half-sheet size and is still on the board, awaiting my decision that it is truly completed. It is titled "Tumacacori Granary". We visited Tumacacori in southern Arizona this past Spring and it was so old and picturesque. This is all that remains of the granary, they stored their corn, beans and squash seeds in the jars on the left; as well, I assume, as in jars on those steps in the center of the room. The shadows and light vs. dark value changes were striking when we were there and I knew I had to do at least one painting of that.

My membership in an online critique group has been invaluable for helping me to see needed changes.


Ben said...

Hope this works. Site looks good!

Art by JoyMac said...

Hi Susan,
Great going on your Blogspot...your doing took Dabs and I ages to get mine going He He......Gorgeous paintings your have done.

Joy in OZ

Ladybug said...

Wow! Your work is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing it.