Friday, March 22, 2013

Taos Shadows

This is a painting I finished (?) yesterday at the Thursday afternoon watercolor group painting session/therapy session/comedy club. My reference was an excellent photo by Terry Dekker at Paint my Photo. I loved those shadows! I need to paint more, I lost my passion for this project because I took so long between painting sessions on it.


RH Carpenter said...

I really like the colors in the building and those shadows are wonderful.

C Hummel Kornell said...

I love Taos and Rancho d'Taos, we had some wonderful times there. Your painting is wonderful but I wonder if you might want to go one or two degrees darker in places in some of the deeper shadows to create an even more striking painting. Only my humble opinion, as always, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!
C Hummel Kornell

Sadami said...

Hi, Susan,
Your work has very beautiful colours! Please keep up and enjoy watercolour!!
Best wishes, Sadami

laura said...

Love it--the hot colors and the shadows. But then I love Taos--can't wait to go back!!