Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year's Eve Surprise

 Our son, Ben and his longtime fiance surprised everyone with the announcement they were getting married on New Year's Eve. We found this out the Saturday night before New Year's Eve Monday! It all turned out well, the ceremony was nice and we are all happy. We welcome Deb and her two daughters into our family officially, although they have been one with us all along.


RH Carpenter said...

LOL! You and Deb Ward both got a New Year's Eve surprise from their kids :) Congratulations and hope they are so happy that all their friends are jealous! ha ha

Vicki Greene said...

An additional reason to celebrate during the holiday season. Nice looking couple!

Michelle Himes said...

Congrats to you,Susan, and to the happy couple. My son got married in March - again to a woman who he had "dated" for about 10 years. LOL!