Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canyon Spire

This is another of my small (8x10) studies I am enjoying doing. I learned enough what not to do in this one that I would like to refine it and do it at least on a half sheet. I have been wanting to do credit to the Grand Canyon for a long time, and  feel I am inching closer to it with this.

I need to pay more attention to foreground rocks and their matchy-matchy shapes and, in this instance, I don't like the acrylic ink underpainting. I will use direct painting for them in the larger version.

This was a sunrise photo I used that I took an a past trip to the canyon, and while the background was fairly misty/soft-looking in the photo I think I will add a bit more detail back there, especially in the middle ground in the depths of the canyon. Live and learn, I always say!

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