Friday, November 04, 2011

Canyon de Chelly Panorama 1

We took a six-day trip to the Gallup, NM area and just got back yesterday afternoon. I still have lots to unpack from the motorhome, but I just couldn't wait to stitch together one of the panorama shots I took. This one is a ten-photo pano and shows the beauty of the canyon floor and walls. We have been there a few times before, but never in the Fall, and I am so happy we got to see the cottonwood trees at their peak. I have lots of single photos of the most colorful trees and will add those as soon as I get unpacked. We were there on a perfect weather day and enjoyed our day a lot.

PS...As usual, to view this in a larger format, please click on the photo. Saving a file that has ten high resolution photos makes such a huge file that I had to keep making the stitched photo smaller so it would save properly.

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