Monday, September 05, 2011

Captain Smith's Cabin

Our WcW project for September is to paint something abandoned. While looking through PMP (Paint My Photo), I came across this and decided to use this reference photo instead of one of the many hundreds of abandoned buildings I have taken photos of but not used.

I decided to use the grisaille method of underpainting, but use my fav purple for the underpainting. The gray you see is the Pebeo Drawing gum I used for the resist where I wanted the lightest lights to be.

I'll keep posting as I go along, or until I give up on this...whichever comes first!

PS...In neglected to say the reference photo was courtesy of  Cindy Blevins and she said it was in Escalante Canyon in Colorado. Looks like many in Utah I have seen, though.

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RH Carpenter said...

You do the underpainting so well, I'll be waiting to see this one begin to take some color and see where it goes :) Isn't it funny - we have so many photos but sometimes we just want something different!