Friday, April 15, 2011

Yupo Fantasy - WIP

Inspired by some of the latest paintings by Barbara Sailor, I decided that yesterday afternoon was the time to play with Yupo again. I had such a good time playing with this stuff, as usual. I started with a vague idea to create the upper landscape with buttes and then using strata format to create whatever was below. When I say whatever, I really mean whatever since I had no idea what it was going to do and just went in with splashing paint and let 'er rip. I began to see something different emerge, so went with cliff dwellings in the mid ground and a stylized landscape in the foreground. I still have quite a bit I want to do with this, including setting back some of the dwellings and changing their sizes to be less uniform (right now they remind me of a mouthful of teeth!). I also have to resolve that unfortunate shape in the upper right quadrant and make it into something more believable than it is now. I have in mind what I will do up there but we will see if the paint and brush really wants me to do what I am thinking. That's the beauty and the curse of Yupo!

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Michelle Himes said...

I really like this, Susan. I've been "virtual travelling" in the South West while doing something called a "fake journal". Having a lot of fun visiting websites of the National Parks, and I just finished doing my fake journal page on Mesa Verde.