Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunset Ruin

I am getting a bit gun shy about posting WIPs on my blog since the last few times I have done that I have failed to complete the paintings to my satisfaction (my Iris on Yupo being the last failed painting) so I don't post the completed painting. I may or may not wash that one off and start over, I just never can re-create a painting and like the second version.

Anyway, here is my latest work in progress. The photo that inspired this is from my friend, Roch of NM Jeep Tours. He has access to such wonderful areas of New Mexico and is a great photographer. This ruin has no roof and the light was streaming in at sunset and created such a glow through the window opening that I will try to capture that. This will require more than the two glazes I have applied so far, also some lifting after the glazes are applied.

Additionally, I am trying again to lay in the darkest shadows, etc. first with acrylic ink. That seems to provide a good skeleton for me to start fleshing out a painting. So far, so good. I also will darken the sky as I go along.


RHCarpenter said...

Well, it's looking beautiful so far!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks Rhonda..hopefully I can settle down and do some more glazing on this either today or tomorrow. I am getting ready for another art sale/show on Thanksgiving weekend and a display change at the art club and am matting and framing like crazy right now. Plus, since I offer mattcutting services other artists are bringing me paintings to be matted for the display change, as well. Lots to do right now, but then it is always like this in the Fall and before the holidays. I can't believe it is that time of year again, already!