Monday, September 08, 2008

Catalina's Sunrise Expedition

The workshop ended Saturday afternoon, Tom and I decided to take an early morning photo jaunt to catch the sunrise over the Catalina's, north of Tucson. The morning was quite cool...for about an hour! Then, the heat built up quite rapidly, but we managed to take lots of photos, take a hike and have a breakfast picnic and the morning was a great one. I took some series of photos to try to make panoramas and will try that later this morning and post the link to them here. Catalina State Park offered many possibilities with vistas suitable for panos.
I wonder how old this Saguaro is? With the girth of the main trunk and the number of large arms it must be very old. The desert in the Catalina's was just lush and green. They must have had lots of rain recently.
Look at these lights vs darks! This was a magical view I happened upon while heading back to the road from our hike. I love finding sights like this!
Everywhere there was an item to creep up, these Morning Glories were doing just that....cactus, Mesquite trees, fence posts. Very lush foliage!

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RHCarpenter said...

LOVE that tree! Will have to catch up on the photos later...