Saturday, March 24, 2012


Spring is lavender bush is blooming. I couldn't resist taking this photo, although if I paint it I will have to add some sunlight to it, maybe dappled against the stucco wall. At any rate, I just love how complex, yet simple lavender blooms are.

St. Patrick's Day Sale

On St. Patrick's Day, our community held an an Art Faire. The weather was wonderful, so it was well-attended. Both my jewelry-making friend and I, Joyce, did very well during the sale.

Here, you see us when we were half-way through our set-up, early in the morning. It was a long day, but we met many wonderful people, although one of them shared a virus with me, which has left me all week with a chest cold. But, it was a good sale!

Although you can't see any of my paintings in this shot, I was glad to meet the couple who bought one of my framed paintings that day, also. So, all-n-all, it was a wonderful day, chest cold notwithstanding! 

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Art Chix Sale March 3, 2012

Yesterday my sales group, the ArtChix, held an art show at our community art club. I did very well in the artisan jewelry sales, but only sold one painting. It is still the economy, I guess. But, I met and talked with many people and that is always fun. Now, to replace the earrings and necklaces sold and get ready for the next sale!