Sunday, June 05, 2022

I saw this photo online and wanted to recreate it in watercolor. This will be a study and will not be sold as I will always protect the copyright privileges of the photographer.

What I found so appealing in the photo was the dark, yet luminescent quality of the background, as well as that adorable butterfly!

I have masked out the flower, butterfly and some of the stems and will remove the masking after achieving the darkness of the background...assuming I am successful in doing that, of course. I have two glazes of color on this and expect to add at least two more. I had planned on using Prussian blue but didn't have any, so I mixed a combination of blues with a little quin burnt orange added for the darker areas. I bought more Prussian blue so will use that for the next glaze.

This one will be a challenge to get the darkness without muddiness yet achieve that glow. Hopefully I am up to the challenge,,,remember Susan, its only paper!


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